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The listing below is in order from newest to oldest webinar presentations.

Kickoff to College Bound Michigan 2020-21

Recorded: Sept. 24 , 2020

Presenter: Autumn Kearney, MCAN strategy manager for high school innovation 

Join MCAN as we kick off another year of College Bound Michigan! With rapid changes to the economy, the need for education post high school could not be clearer. CBMI is a suite of events that aim to support students as they prepare for postsecondary education in uncertain times. Applying to college is a lengthy process that ranges from keeping track of forms and deadlines to transitioning from a high school to a college campus. CBMI will provide you with resources and support to plan virtual or in-person events that help ensure college preparedness and success for your students. 

Webinar Recording 

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in college preparation and selection.


How COVID-19 is Changing Higher Education: A National Perspective
MTC Webinar

Recorded: Sept. 22, 2020

Presenter: Eric Hoover, a senior writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education

Eric Hoover, a senior writer at the Chronicle of Higher Education, has reported extensively on how the pandemic is disrupting the path to and through college. He describes what he has learned about COVID-19's impact on admissions and enrollment processes, and standardized testing. He also discusses a forthcoming series of articles that examine how the crisis is intensifying college-access challenges throughout the nation.

Webinar Recording

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in college preparation and selection.


Legislative Update with a Focus on Education

MTC Webinar 

Recorded: Sept. 9, 2020

Presenter: Rep. Scott VanSingel  

Representative Scott VanSingel of House District 100 will provide an update on recent legislation, committee sessions and other governmental updates. He also will share information about the latest developments related to education. VanSingel serves on the Appropriations committee. He is chairman of the Higher Education & Community Colleges Appropriations subcommittee.

Webinar Recording

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in college preparation and selection.


Storytelling and the College Admission Essays 

Recorded: Sept. 1, 2020

Presenter: Carol Barash, Ph.D., founder and CEO, Story2 

The Story2 Moments Method® teaches students how to unlock the science of storytelling to write powerful and authentic college admission essays. In this webinar, educators learn how students can access StoryBuilder and other free resources to help students complete successful essays this year. 

Webinar Recording

The Reckoning: A Policy Agenda for Higher Education

Recorded: Sept. 1, 2020

Presenter: Anthony Carnevale, Ph.D., research professor and director of the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce 

The Covid-19 pandemic, resulting in an economic crash, and the murder of George Floyd have laid bare the race and class injustice in American education and society. But for higher education Covid-19 is also a shock that lends strength to sweeping demographic, economic, and policy changes that were already underway and will only get stronger over the next decade. If left unattended Covid-19, in combination with trends already in place, will double down on the mutually reinforcing elitism in our education and economic regimes. Even before Covid-19 emerged, we were well past the point where higher education reform could be dismissed, put off for another day, carried out piecemeal, or merely discussed in the abstract. 

Webinar Recording

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in college preparation and selection.


Reimagining Volunteerism and Service During COVID-19 Response and Recovery
MTC Webinar

Recorded: Aug. 26, 2020

Presenters: Ginna Holmes, executive director at the Michigan Community Service Commission; Shannon Zoet, program officer at the Michigan Community Service Commission

This webinar features a discussion about how volunteerism and national service can be reimagined in response to COVID-19, and what the future of service might look like. Learn about what the Michigan Community Service Commission is doing to coordinate critical relief efforts, how national service members are responding to needs, and what you can do to serve your community. 

Webinar Recording

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in college preparation and selection.


Futures for Frontliners: What You Need to Know
MTC Webinar

Recorded: Aug. 18, 2020

Presenters: Ava Attari, data and policy fellow, University of Michigan Youth Policy Lab; Doug Ross, senior advisor to the governor for Michigan Prosperity

In April 2020, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the "Futures for Frontliners" program which provides free tuition for essential workers without college degrees. Frontliners can apply starting in September and can start classes toward their certificate or associate degree in January 2021. Learn about who qualifies, how they can apply, when they can start classes, and other details. Be among the first to know and help thank the frontliners in your community. 

Webinar Recording

SCECH: Eligible for 1 SCECH in adult education.


Welcome to MCAN's Impact Map!

Recorded: Aug. 12, 2020 

Presenters: Jordan Crandell, AmeriCorps VISTA; Chris Rutherford, Director of Community Mobilization Strategy; Jessica Soja, Strategy Manager, Community Mobilization Strategy 

MCAN has launched a new-and-improved Impact Map! This online tool aggregates data from five primary sources to offer insight about important college-going metrics and outcomes. Join MCAN staff for a live demonstration of the Impact Map and learn how using the site can help move the needle in Michigan towards Sixty by 30 .

Webinar Recording
Serving the Adult Learner Population through Detroit Drives Degrees

MTC Webinar 

Recorded: Aug. 5, 2020  

Presenters: Michelle Cyrus, director of Adult College Completion at the Detroit Regional Chamber; Melanie D'Evelyn, director of Detroit Drives Degrees at the Detroit Regional Chamber; Christi Taylor, director of Programs and Employer Partnerships at the Detroit Regional Chamber

Detroit Drives Degrees (D3) is working to increase postsecondary attainment to 60% and reduce the racial equity by half by the year 2030. A primary audience for this work is the region’s adult learner population. D3 staff will talk about how they engage three key stakeholders – higher ed institutions, employers, and adult learners themselves – to increase postsecondary opportunity for Detroit’s adults and how others can get involved in this effort. 

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MTC Webinar #14
Philanthropy's Response During COVID-19

Description: Three panelists from philanthropic organizations will share insight about their responses to needs magnified by the global pandemic. They will share what they have seen, what they have done and what they are thinking about the future.

Presenters: Laura Heintzelman, president and CEO, Manistee County Community Foundation; Teresa Kmetz, president and CEO, Capital Area United Way; and David McGhee, vice president of organizational excellence and impact, the Skillman Foundation 

Recorded: June 24, 2020

Webinar Recording


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MTC Series Webinar #13
Persistence During a Pandemic

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has presented significant impact and changes to students pursuing higher education. Baker College President Dr. Bart Daig discussed how colleges are removing barriers to help students begin and persist in pursuit of their degree. 

Presenter: Dr. Bart Daig, president, Baker College and MCAN Board of Directors member

Recorded: June 22, 2020

Webinar Recording


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MTC Series Webinar #12
New Online Tools to Support College Access from the College Board

Description: This webinar featured a demonstration of the FAFSA assistance chatbot, an SMS-based tool that supports students completing FAFSA, in line with Governor Whitmer’s FAFSA challenge. The chatbot, which is currently available to all students through August 2020, is a feature of the College Board’s Opportunity Scholarships (CBOS) program — which rewards students for taking the key steps needed for college planning and admissions. Students in the class of 2021 who sign up for CBOS this summer can take several critical steps toward potentially qualifying for a $40,000 Complete your College Journey Scholarship.

Presenters: Neeta Sonalkar, director of access initiatives, College Board; Deven Comen, director of strategic partnerships, College Board

Recorded: June 16, 2020  

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #11

COVID-19's Impact on Michigan's Community Colleges: A Perspective from Grand Rapids Community College President Bill Pink

Description: Community colleges serve a wide range of students in communities throughout Michigan. COVID-19 has impacted them in a variety of ways. Dr. Bill Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College, will share insight about how his campus has been responding in order to serve students. He will share a glimpse into what he sees transpiring on community college campuses now and into the fall semester. In addition, he will also speak about COVID-19 running parallel with the racial tensions that are occurring across the country.   

Presenter: Bill Pink, president of Grand Rapids Community College 

Recorded: June 9, 2020 

Webinar Recording


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MTC Series Webinar #10

The College Board Career Finder: Free Resource Through July 

Description: Designed to motivate, prepare, and expose students to career goals and information about education pathways, the new Career Finder begins in the College Board account, prompts students to answers a few simple questions and then empowers them to explore majors and careers that align with their personal interests and academic readiness by occupation from the SAT suite of assessments. Students will have access to information on almost 1,000 different careers and over 7,000 video interviews with successful professionals from all walks of life. Join us to learn more about this tool that is free to all students through the end of July.    

Presenter: Alison Danielson, senior director, College and Career Connections, the College Board   

Recorded: June 3, 2020  

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #9

A Conversation with University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel 

Description: The COVID-19 pandemic has presented major challenges to higher education and public research universities. University of Michigan President Mark Schlissel will share what students may expect from a public health-informed semester and discuss how his training as an immunologist applies to the current crisis.  

Presenter: President Mark Schlissel, University of Michigan

 Recorded: May 27, 2020   

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #8 

Fall 2020, Higher Education, and COVID-19: A Perspective from MSU President Samuel L. Stanley 

Description: Returning and future students are trying to make their Fall 2020 college enrollment plans, but the global pandemic is still affecting our world, including colleges and universities. Hear how colleges are preparing and planning to ensure that students can continue their education to earn their college degrees in Fall 2020. Dr. Samuel L. Stanley, president of Michigan State University, will offer insight as one example of the strategizing and responsiveness of Michigan's higher education institutions. 

Presenters: Dr. Samuel Stanley, president of Michigan State University; Rick Shipman, executive director of Financial Aid at Michigan State University 

Recorded: May 21, 2020

Webinar Recording

Financial Aid: Road to Matriculation

Description: Gain insight into how financial aid processing is conducted to maximize resources for students. In this webinar, participants will learn how to assist and educate both students and families in making financial decisions; the indicators for successful post-graduation enrollment; how to build financial plans for college graduation attainment; and how to prepare students to be their own advocate after they have enrolled in postsecondary education.

Presenters: Onjila Odeneal, Create Educational Services LLC 

Recorded: May 20, 2020

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #7

Special Populations: Foster Youth, Undocumented Students, and First-Generation Students

Description: This webinar features insights about how to best support first-generation students, undocumented youth and foster youth during this global pandemic. You'll learn information about resources, tools and ways to advocate for these populations. This webinar includes three practitioners with experience working with these groups of students.

Presenters: Karie Ward, director, Fostering Success Michigan; Aura Cazares, Michigan Coalition for Undocumented Student Success; Beth Brandon, IPASS coordinator

Recorded: May 20, 2020

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #6

Reimagining Volunteerism and Service During COVID-19 Response and Recovery

This webinar was postponed. Once it is rescheduled and conducted, the recording will appear here.

MTC Series Webinar #5

College Advising Hotline

Description: Students across the state of Michigan looking for assistance in navigating their college plans can call a free hotline for access to near-peer college advisers starting May 4! Come learn about this resource for high schoolers in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotline is a partnership among MCAN, Michigan State University, and the Detroit Regional Chamber.

Presenters: Melissa Steward, program director, AdviseMI and Trisha Caldwell, program director, Michigan State University College Advising Corps

Recorded: May 5, 2020

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #4

Feeling chatty? AI-powered Chatbots as Prom Dates and Navigators

Description: Join Wayne State University in this webinar to learn more about the use of artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots to promote 24/7 educational engagement, access, and community support.

Presenters: Dawn Medley and Amanda Rosales, Wayne State University

Recorded: April 29, 2020

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #3

COVID-19 and students: What You Need to Know about the Financial Implications

Description: This webinar discusses the impact of COVID-19 on postsecondary students, and the flexibilities and waivers granted by the federal government to help both institutions and students through this difficult time. It also addresses the availability of emergency funds, verification relief, and professional judgment. Come with your questions!

Presenters: Megan McClean Coval, vice president of policy and federal relations, National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA); Jill Desjean, policy analyst with NASFAA; and Lori Vedder (Moderator), director of financial aid at UM-Flint and past national chair of NASFAA’s Board of Directors.

Recorded: April 22, 2020

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #2

State of Emergency Education Policy Updates from Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's Executive Office

Description: Learn updates from the governor's executive office about the impact of COVID-19 on K-12 and higher education.

Presenters: Brandy Johnson, policy advisor for education & workforce, Executive Policy Office, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

Recorded: April 17, 2020

Webinar Recording

Finding Scholarships

Description: Scholarships are playing an increasingly important role in paying for college. This webinar will highlight the value scholarships have in a student’s plan to pay for college, the types of scholarships available and resources for finding them as well as best practices and tips to share with your students on researching and applying for scholarships. 

Panelists: Jenny Chandler, Sallie Mae 

Recorded: April 14, 2020 

Webinar Recording

MTC Series Webinar #1

The College Board

Description: Learn how high schools can use The College Board’s AP resources to provide learning continuity and preservation of college credit opportunities with online testing this year.

Presenter: Ted Gardella, The College Board

Recorded: April 9, 2020

College Board Presentation Slides

MCAN Presentation Slides

Webinar Recording

Innovative Career Pathways through National Service: The 'Tutor-to-Teacher' Pipeline

Description: A critical teacher shortage exists in Michigan due to plummeting enrollment rates in teacher preparation programs. Further, Michigan students are struggling to reach basic levels of literacy and math proficiency. To help tackle these problems, Hope Network’s Michigan Education Corps delivers the evidence-based Minnesota Reading and Math Corps models in schools across the state. MEC utilizes AmeriCorps members as interventionists to deliver research-based interventions to students age 3 to grade 8. Through the MEC experience, all interventionists are highly trained, receive on-going instructional coaching, are paid, and can access the Segal Education Award and other benefits.

This presentation will discuss how collaboration between MEC, Michigan Department of Education Office of Educator Excellence and higher education partners like Davenport University’s College of Urban Education has resulted in an innovative effort to help address the teacher shortage by creating a “tutor-to-teacher” pipeline that benefits schools, individuals who are exploring careers in education and higher education institutions.

Presenters: Holly Windram, Ph.D, Michigan Education Corps; Susan Gunn, Ph.D, Davenport University; Ariel DuVal-Zinn, Michigan Education Corps

Recorded: March 12, 2020

Webinar Recording

Imaginative Ways to Pursue Dual Enrollment While Removing Barriers

Description: The number of ways that high school students can take college classes has exploded in the past few years. This session will describe ways that Western Michigan University has partnered with local (and not so local) schools to offer high school students college classes. Then, participants and the presenters will discuss the barriers that students have to dual enrolling. Solutions will be presented for the common barriers.

Presenters: Kelly Schultz and Chuck Pearson, Western Michigan University

Recorded: March 10, 2020 

Webinar Recording

Jackson County Employability PACT - Credentialing Soft Skills

Description: The data from the past decade has shown a steep decline in Michigan's talent pool, which has become one of the greatest economic threats in our state. As we develop solutions to this problem, we must share a common agenda to make a collective impact around college and career readiness. This webinar will highlight the need for employ ability skills as the foundation for college and career preparation activities and will demonstrate the need for these skills to be taught as part of a general education curriculum. Through this webinar, participants will learn steps to seamlessly implement this program and the positive influence on college-going culture on a county level. 

Presenter: Cari Bushinski

Recorded: Feb. 4, 2020

Webinar Recording

Prepare Your Students for the SAT through Career Cruising Platform: An Integrated Solution 

Description: Tom Ehlers, founder, and president of Method Test Prep and Princeton University graduate shares how students can raise their SAT scores 120 points by following his checklist program that breaks all of the strategies and work into 15-minute chunks for students to complete. Tom also discusses the best times to take the SAT and answers other frequently asked questions about the PSAT and SAT.

Presenter: Tom Ehlers, president and founder of Method Test Prep

Recorded: Dec. 18, 2019

Webinar Recording

Optimize Your College Visits

Description: Visiting a college campus provides great insight to students and families as they search for colleges and reconfirm their possible final choice. But how do you convince students of these benefits when they take time away from school and other activities, sometimes require money and planning around other worthwhile engagements? Judith Stahl, College and Career Counselor at Seaholm HS and President Elect of MACAC and Niko Kanagawa, Assistant Director of Admissions from University of Michigan/Dearborn share insights into positive outcomes of visiting a college campus.

Presenters: Judith Stahl, counselor-Seaholm High School and Niko Kanagawa, assistant director of admissions-University of Michigan Dearborn

Recorded: Dec. 10, 2019

Webinar Recording

Going Merry: A one-stop-shop for scholarships – how to add your local scholarships!

Description: Going Merry makes it easy for students to find and apply to scholarships hosted by colleges and independent providers. In this webinar, you’ll see how to add your local scholarships, so your students have one place for both their local and national scholarships! They’ll also show you how they make this process simple for you and your local scholarship providers. This is the second webinar in a two-part series. The first, hosted on Nov. 6, is an introduction to the Going Merry student and counselor portals. For more information about Going Merry, you can watch this ABC News Profile.

Presenters: Charlie Maynard, CEO, Jacob Choi, COO, and Byron Williams, academic advisor-Harbor Beach High School

Recorded: Nov. 20, 2019

Webinar Recording

Exploring Michigan's Undocumented Student Guide to College

Description: Over the summer, the Undocumented Student Guide to College in Michigan was updated and published. This webinar will walk through the 28-page guide to review the content and how to use the guide in helping support undocumented students. Come and learn about how this tool can be a resource to you in your work. 

Presenters: Adriana Almanza, Assistant Director-Office of Multicultural Affairs, Grand Valley State University, Joselin Cisneros, Research Assistant-National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good, University of Michigan, Nicolaus Espitia, Research Associate, National Forum on Higher Education for the Public Good, University of Michigan, Samantha Magdaleno, Executive Director-One Michigan for the Global Majority, Rebeca Ontiveros-Chavez, Staff Attorney-Michigan Immigrant Rights Center

Recorded: November 21, 2019

Webinar Recording

Preparing for the 2020-21 FAFSA®: Updates and Guidance from Federal Student Aid

Description: The FAFSA is an ever-changing but extremely critical form that students must fill out to finance their college education. Special student circumstances can create challenges and barriers to making this happen for all students. Join Claire Bucknor, from the Office of Federal Student Aid as we go over the changes that this year's FAFSA has on it, as well as get your questions answered about special populations and circumstances surrounding the FAFSA.

Presenter: Claire Bucknor, Office of Federal Student Aid

Recorded: November 19, 2019

Webinar Recording: Part 1

Webinar Recording: Part 2

Understand the SCOIR

Description: Higher education is the gateway to expanded opportunities for advancement, yet far too many high school students fail to realize those opportunities. We set out to fix a flawed college admissions process. Join Gerry McCrory, Founder and CEO of SCOIR as we take a look at how simple SCOIR makes the college search, and admission process.

Presenter: Gerry McCrory, CEO and Founder, SCOIR

Recorded: November 7, 2019

Webinar Recording

Going Merry: A One-Stop-Shop for Scholarships – How it Works!

Description: Going Merry makes it easy for students to find and apply to scholarships hosted by colleges and independent providers. It’s used by thousands of providers and over 10,000 high schools across the US (including 430 in Michigan). They launched in 2018, having started as a graduate research project at Stanford University, with a mission to give every student equal access to life-changing education through scholarships.

There are four main differences between Going Merry and other scholarship sites:

  1. It’s free for students and does not sell student data. That’s possible as Going Merry charges scholarship providers to use its software to manage their applications.
  2. Students can apply directly to all the scholarships they are matched with. They are not redirected constantly like on Fastweb.
  3. Schools can add local scholarships onto Going Merry for free, even pen and paper ones. This means students have a one-stop-shop for their local and national scholarships.
  4. Counselors can use Going Merry to track their students' scholarship activity, including how many scholarships they have been matched with and how many applications they have made.

This is the first webinar of a two-part series. The second webinar, hosted on 11/20, will show you how to add your local scholarships to Going Merry, so that your students have one place for both their local and national scholarships.

For more information, you can watch this ABC News Profile:

Presenter: Charlie Maynard, CEO

Recorded: November 6, 2019

Webinar Recording

The Common App: Reaching Higher for Higher Education

Description: Join Meredith Lombardi from the Common App as we take a deeper dive into the most common application. We will dispel myths surrounding the common app, discuss ways to maneuver through it, and talk about the data that it emphasizes!

Presenter: Meredith Lombardi, Associate Director, Outreach and Education

Recorded: October 30, 2019

Webinar Recording

Access in Action: Using Dual Enrollment Programs to Increase College Opportunities and Persistence

Description: Dual enrollment programs that allow high school students to earn college credit have been growing in popularity in the last few decades. Among its many benefits, dual enrollment can expand college access to traditionally underserved and underrepresented high school student populations. It is also a means to aid students in college completion. Research has demonstrated that dual enrolled students may need less remediation and they have higher degrees of persistence and completion than their non-dual enrolled peers. This webinar will discuss how dual enrollment programs are able to expand access to diverse student populations, their effect on student persistence towards a college credential, and best practices and models for developing dual enrollment opportunities for students. 

Learning Objectives

  • Attendees will learn how dual enrollment programs expand college access to all populations of students, including those which are traditional underserved and underrepresented
  • Attendees will learn how dual enrollment programs affect students’ persistence towards a college credential and degree completion
  • Attendees will learn about best practices and models for developing dual enrollment partnerships between K-12 and higher education institutions

Presenters: Dr. DeeDee Stakley, Director of the Office of Transfer and Secondary School Partnerships, Ferris State University Leah Melichar, FerrisNow Outreach Coordinator, Ferris State University

Recorded: October 17, 2019

Webinar Recording

Unlocking You: How to Use YouScience to Create Better Student Outcomes

Description: Young adults need help finding their right path. Whether they think they know what they want to do, or are unsure, choosing a career or college can be intimidating. Our “brain games” use cutting edge technology to gather real measures of aptitudes and interests. After seeing their talents explained in a meaningful way, students have an inspired confidence toward selecting a college, staying in school, and attaining their best-fit career. Join us as we take a deeper look into how counselors can utilize YouScience software to work with students across grade levels to prepare them for postsecondary success.

Presenter: Amy Bradley, YouScience

Recorded: September 24, 2019

Webinar Recording