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The COVID-19 pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has significantly altered the lives of individuals across the world. As we all adapt to a "new normal," MCAN remains 100% committed to supporting our partners in college access and attaining the goal Sixty by 30: 60 percent of Michigan residents complete a postsecondary certificate or degree by the year 2030. As we move forward in this fluid, ever-changing environment, MCAN is offering a new grant opportunity: COVID-19 Response Grants.

While MCAN understands that the needs of organizations, schools, colleges, and communities are vast right now, funding for COVID-19 Response Grants must directly support postsecondary readiness, access and success activities that are aligned with MCAN's mission, vision, and values. There must be a strong and clear connection to postsecondary readiness, access, and success in order to be eligible for this funding.

Contact & Application Assistance 

Please direct your questions to Jessica Soja, Community Mobilization Strategy Manager. Jessica also can assist with the online grant management system, SurveyMonkey Apply, and help brainstorm potential ways to utilize COVID-19 Response Grant funding.

Funding and Administration

COVID-19 Response Grants provide a flexible funding pathway for Michigan high schools, Local College Access Networks, community-based nonprofit organizations, and higher education institutions to support emergent postsecondary projects and programs in their communities. Funding is offered through two pathways: up to $2,500 in mini-grants targeted toward high schools and up to $10,000 targeted toward a community response.* Examples of proposals that fall within the grant parameters include and are not limited to: virtual Decision Day, summer-melt support, transition advising support, SAT prep support for rising Seniors, and providing WiFi hot-spots to support virtual college access activities.** 

*MCAN has waived the match funding requirement for this grant opportunity, and we commit to an expedited review process to support your needs.

**Please note that this is NOT a menu from which to choose, but creative ideas to consider when addressing emergent needs, gaps, and priorities that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 Response Grant applications can be submitted through July 31, 2020.  Grant applications should be submitted with an expected implementation of no more than 12 months from award date. No-cost extensions may be considered on a case-by-case basis upon request of a grantee.

Proposal Submission

Proposals* are only accepted using Michigan College Access Network’s online grants system, SurveyMonkey Apply. To apply to for a COVID-19 Response Grant, click here.   Applications are being accepted until July 31, 2020.

*To review the online application components, download this sample RFP document. You cannot submit the application using the sample RFP. It is only for review purposes.

Award Decisions

A cross-departmental team of MCAN staff members will review proposals and provide written feedback. Final decisions regarding awards will be contingent upon the recommendations of the staff and available funds. MCAN is committed to expediting the grant review process and providing a response to applicants within 30 days or less. Please adjust your application schedule to accommodate this review timetable.

Grant Recipients

Arbor Prep High School

Buchanan High School

Capital Area College Access Network (CapCAN)

Detroit Regional Dollars for Scholars 

Directors of Admissions at the State Universities of Michigan (DASUM)

East Jordan Middle School

Eastside Community Network

Ecorse High School

Engadine High School

Michigan State University King-Chavez-Parks

Morley Stanley High School

Sacred Heart Academy

Sault Ste. Marie Area Public Schools

Springport High School

Tahquamenon Area Schools

Three Rivers High School

Trillium Academy

Westfield Preparatory High School

Whitmore Lake High School

Youth Solutions