MCAN’s College Access Virtual Assistant, or CAVA, is a web- and text-based bot that provides Michigan residents with information on all things college. From questions on applications and FAFSA to Futures for Frontliners, Michigan Reconnect and more, CAVA connects you with resources, support and up-to-date information on the college going process in Michigan. CAVA can help you take the steps necessary to enroll, pay, and attend college!

To connect with CAVA, click or tap on the chat box below and you'll be introduced to your College Access Virtual Assistant. If you are on a public or shared computer, we encourage you to refresh your screen after you're done asking CAVA questions. If you would like to receive text messages from CAVA at a later date, submit your information here and your number will be added to our texting list. Standard messaging rates apply.

MCAN has partnered with the following organizations to develop CAVA:

Sixty by 30 Office in the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity
Wayne State University