Michigan's college enrollment numbers were down significantly  in fall 2020, and our FAFSA completion numbers are lagging this year. We’re asking our partners to make a big push this spring and encourage our graduating students to #SpringIntoCollege!

The state’s FAFSA priority deadline extension until May 1 gives seniors extra time to submit their application to access federal and state financial aid and Dash for Cash. And we’re gearing up for Spring Application Week (April 19-23), where over 70 institutions in Michigan will be offering fee-free applications! 


Join us in ensuring students know it is not too late to complete college applications. During Spring Application Week, April 19-23, 74 colleges all over Michigan are accepting applications and have no fee or have waived their fees for your student. 

Resources to Support College Application Week:


MCAN wants to make sure schools and students take full advantage of the state’s FAFSA priority deadline extension, so we have launched a FAFSA completion incentive for schools and for students: the Dash for Cash. This campaign will provide schools with an opportunity to access $30,000 in cash prizes in 30 days (April 1-May 1) and will also provide students with an opportunity to access cash for completing their FAFSA (beginning April 9). All Michigan high school and Michigan seniors are eligible for the Dash for Cash!

High school Dash for Cash school winners were announced in late May.

All seniors completing their FAFSA application April 9th and later are eligible to receive a first-file first-served gift card to pay students for their time in completing the form. Simply help your student submit their FAFSA, and if they are one of the first 5,000 students to complete the FAFSA, they will be mailed a $10 Meijer gift card.

Resources to support Dash for Cash: