Our state and local economies are facing a college enrollment crisis

Our postsecondary education attainment levels — 49.1 percent in Michigan, according to the Lumina Foundation — haven’t kept up with the steep rise in demand for highly skilled workers.

The path to Greater Lansing’s economic future is through college readiness and education

Supporting educational attainment in Greater Lansing is an investment in our existing talent pipeline and strengthens our business and talent attraction efforts.

Pandemic shows us more than ever how important a college education can be

Education in Michigan is an ever-present discussion of pandemic crisis after crisis. And despite monumental efforts this year, we’re still facing a big crisis: the consistent decline of college enrollment.

The drop in college enrollment is alarming, for people and the economy

As schools return to in person this fall and the COVID-19 vaccine is offered for students, access to post-secondary education is critical to our community’s recovery plan.

COVID won’t stop these Detroit 8th graders from going to college. Here’s why.

Detroit Achievement Academy and its authorizer, Grand Valley State University, are taking a series of steps to show how to help next year’s ninth graders get to — and through — college.

College enrollment must bounce back for economy to do the same

An op-ed by Ryan Fewins-Bliss on the pandemic enrollment crisis.

Opinion: College enrollment must bounce back for our economy to do the same

An op-ed by Ryan Fewins-Bliss on the how the college enrollment crisis has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students and schools are struggling during the pandemic. Here’s what’s in Whitmer’s recovery plan.

Many Michigan students are struggling with academic performance and social and emotional health, teachers are suffering from burnout and colleges are experiencing plunging enrollment rates during the pandemic. This month, Gov. Whitmer rolled out a plan.

MCAN Responds To MI Blueprint For Comprehensive Student Recovery

Jeffrey Mosher speaks with MCAN Executive Director, Ryan Fewins-Bliss in response to Gov. Whitmer releasing the MI Blueprint for Comprehensive Student Recovery.

Opinion | Michigan needs more college grads. Step one: completing the FAFSA

Students who skip college because they don’t think they can afford it – most often students of color, low-income students, and/or would-be first-generation college students – undercut their own economic opportunities.