Berrien College Access Network Surveys Area Juniors on Life After High School Plans

A new survey from Berrien College Access Network takes a look at what southwest Michigan teens are planning to do after high school graduation.

Morning Blend — Capital Area College Access Network

Michele Strasz, executive director of Capital Area College Access Network, joins the Morning Blend to talk about what the FAFSA is, why it's important, and what resources are available to students.

Think manufacturing jobs don’t require college? Think again

There is still a common misconception about this career path: the notion you don’t need college to get a good job in manufacturing. The days of employees landing a high-paying factory job after high school are disappearing rapidly.

Decline in college enrollment 'big problem for the economy’

There are many “hot jobs” available in our community, but do potential employees have the degree or credentials to fill them?

The rush back to college campuses is leaving behind the most vulnerable

A rebounding economy, prevalence of Covid-19 vaccines and in-person learning may not be enough to draw students who have turned their backs on a postsecondary education.

MCAN awards $20,000 grant to Oceana College Access Network

The Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) has awarded the Oceana College Access Network with a $20,000 Continuous Improvement Grant to support expansion and improved data collection practices.

The drop in college enrollment is alarming, for people and the economy

As schools return to in person this fall and the COVID-19 vaccine is offered for students, access to post-secondary education is critical to our community’s recovery plan.

As COVID spread, far fewer Michigan high school grads enrolled in college

Less than 55 percent of 2020 Michigan high school graduates enrolled in college within six months of getting diplomas, a plummet of 5 percentage points in one year, according to data from the Michigan Center for Educational Performance and Information.

Michigan’s free community college offer isn’t free in parts of the state

Bridge Michigan looks at the gap in the Michigan Reconnect program for residents who live outside of a community college district.

Capital Area College Access Network (CapCAN) featured on Fox 47's The Morning Blend

CapCAN Executive Director Michele Strasz talks about who they are and what high school students should be doing about college.