The Senior Program Manager at the Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation focuses on developing and implementing a strategic funding plan for the college access and success related work in Detroit. This plan will include a specific funding strategy for the support the Foundation provides youth development programs, as well as the development of a cohesive ecosystem wide funding strategy among other local post-secondary funders. This will require the Senior Program Manager to develop working relationships with local funders. Once these strategic plans are developed the Senior Program Manager will implement the strategies, maintain relationships with fellow funders, monitor the grants, and provide thought partnership to grantees and other key stakeholders focused on college access and success. The work of the Senior Program Manager will help the foundation fund college access and success work in a manner that meets the needs of youth development organizations and in a way that makes sense in relation to other similar work happening in and around Detroit.

Needs Statement

The Jamie and Denise Jacob Family Foundation has funded college access and success related work for youth development organizations since 2017. The majority of this funding is provided to youth development programs that support students to and through college. As more students attend college due to the growth of these college access and success programs, the financial need will continue to grow. This is why a priority for this position is to foster relationships with fellow funders to create a cohesive funding strategy that does not rely on one foundation to support the youth development’s college access and success work. Additionally, there is a body of knowledge that is needed to have a successful college access and success program in a youth development organization. Ideally, funders are knowledgeable about their area of funding. The knowledge base should include an understanding of best practices, common barriers to success for college students and policies that need to be addressed to make sure students are successful in college. Finally, relationships between organizations and institutions must be fostered to make sure the work is not duplicated but rather supportive of one another.

Senior Program Manager Responsibilities

  • reviews proposals and grants; manages college access and success grants
  • engages in the college access and success ecosystem in and around Detroit
  • gains knowledge of challenges and issues faced by college access and success focused programs
  • fosters community and grantee relationships
  • creates and implements a college access and success specific funding strategy based on professional experience in college access and success work
  • maintains and establishes relationships with similarly focused funders
  • continually grows knowledge of best practices around supporting students to and through college
  • serves as a liaison for the Foundation’s special college access and success projects
  • participates in meetings, networks and initiatives focused on increasing college graduation rates in Detroit
  • works alongside the Executive Director to prepare for board meetings


  • 3+ years working for a nonprofit or foundation as a program officer or similar position
  • 3+ years of professional experience in a field related to college access and success
  • familiarity with Detroit’s non-profit and philanthropic ecosystem
  • ability to complete and implement projects and activities with minimal oversight
  • self-starter, willing to not only sustain the basic workload but eager to develop new projects, activities and relationships that will improve the work
  • ability to develop genuine, trusting relationships that make a serious attempt to remove any power dynamics between funder and non-profit
  • extremely organized, able to monitor current grants and grant payments, reports, ongoing grantee and funder relationships
  • maintains a growth mindset, understands that one right answer does not exist as a funder, open to learning from experiences of nonprofits and fellow funders
  • understanding of systemic racism and how philanthropy can play a positive role in changing current systems

Senior Program Manager Position Details 

  • salary range: $80,000-$85,000 based on experience
  • full time; foundation respects a work-life balance
  • remote work; occasional meetings at office in Troy
  • in-person meetings in Detroit/Metro-Detroit
  • medical benefits 

How to Apply

Email a cover letter and resume to The cover letter should be addressed to Megan Fenkell, Executive Director. You may also direct questions about this posting to Applications will be accepted through 9/30/2022.