6/15/22: An update to the Michigan-related footnotes on Tables 8a/8b was added to the Current Term Enrollment Estimates report. This revision acknowledges that, after addressing a late data submission by a Michigan institution, the Michigan enrollment change from 2021 was -3.8% (Public 4-year) and -5.8% (state total). This is in contrast to the original numbers of -20.3% (Public 4-year) and -15.5% (state total).

The latest National Student Clearinghouse data report for spring enrollment estimates was released on May 26. Upon reviewing it, the MCAN team and other leaders researched the noted data inconsistencies for Michigan. After corresponding with NSC, we are urging caution in utilizing this report as a data source until the discrepancies are resolved.

The NSC footnote for Michigan, Massachusetts, and Colorado reads as follows: "States where a large institution had inconsistent data submission across years, making enrollment estimates less accurate. Interpret the data with caution for the following sectors and states: Public 4-year (MI), Private Nonprofit 4-year (MA), and Other sectors (CO)."

MCAN has been in contact with the NSC to determine the specifics of the data irregularities, as well as timing around the next steps. NSC has indicated that remaining spring 2022 data was recently submitted, and the database will be refreshed in June. They will assess the difference for Michigan and update the footnote in the published report. A release in late June or early July is likely.

Once NSC has notified us that the data has been updated, we will assess the enrollment changes for the state, as we do each semester. We encourage you to wait until that time to form any conclusions.

If you have additional questions, please contact Katie Wittenauer, MCAN's director of strategic engagement.