Cheyenne Peters

Strategy Manager

As MCAN’s strategy manager for high school innovation, Cheyenne helps strengthen college access practitioners and school systems by supporting opportunities for professional development, research, data, innovation, investment, and technical assistance.

Prior to joining MCAN, Cheyenne worked as a high school math and engineering teacher in Lansing. Teaching provided her with the opportunity to design a curriculum for seniors to prepare them for life after high school, which included lessons on personal finance, exploring colleges and majors, and finding a job. She also incorporated STEM activities into her lessons, exposing students to potential career paths and inspiring them to think creatively. Working in an urban high school gave Cheyenne valuable insight into creating effective college access activities for students from a variety of backgrounds.

Cheyenne’s parents prioritized education, and they set the expectation that college was a requirement. When it came time to choose a school, Cheyenne picked Michigan State University, where her love of mathematics put her on track to become a high school math teacher. Early on in her college career, she noticed there were few students of color in her field. Cheyenne also realized how her privilege and parental support presented opportunities that other students — especially other Black female students — didn't have. With this in mind, Cheyenne focused her undergraduate college career on learning how to teach students of color in urban schools. She was one of just three Black students in her graduating class who earned a degree in math, and this further inspired her to be a role model for students of color. Cheyenne returned to MSU for a Master of Arts in educational technology to help her bridge the gap between students of color and access to technology in the classroom. At MCAN, she hopes to create more opportunities for students of color across the state to attend and succeed in college.

Outside of work, Cheyenne enjoys running her small crafting business, traveling, and playing with her dog, Lacy. She also enjoys exploring the greater Lansing area with her boyfriend.

Michigan State University Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics
Michigan State University Master of Arts, Educational Technology