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Earning SCECHS Through MCAN

MCAN is proud to be one of many SCECH providers in the state of Michigan. It is likely you will pursue professional development opportunities from multiple organizations, so please remember that each provider has their own guidelines for processing SCECHs. Be sure to verify the SCECH provider on the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS), to ensure you are contacting the correct organization with questions.

How does MCAN determine how many SCECHs to award?

SCECHs are awarded based on the amount of time you attend events. If you attend 45 minutes of a one-hour webinar, you will be awarded .75 SCECHs. Some events, like the Foundations of Equity in College and Career Counseling Course, are offered on an all-or-nothing basis.

Where is the list of MCAN’s professional development opportunities that provide SCECHs?

MCAN offers SCECHs for our own programs (if applicable), which can be viewed on the Events & Training page of our website. We also partner with organizations like College Board to offer SCECHs. A full list of our programs approved to offer SCECHs can be viewed on MOECS in the Catalog of Professional Learning Programs.

How do I receive SCECHs for approved College Board webinars?

To receive SCECHs for approved College Board webinars, send your name, personal identification code (PIC), and the certificate you received from College Board to

Can I watch an MCAN webinar recording and earn a SCECH?

It depends. Any webinar recording that is accompanied by a quiz is eligible for SCECHs. Not all MCAN webinars are accompanied by a quiz, so be sure to double check before watching.

How do I earn a SCECH after watching an eligible webinar recording?

To earn a SCECH after watching an eligible MCAN webinar recording, you must complete the accompanying quiz. Once you earn at least an 8/10 on the quiz, our staff will verify that you downloaded the webinar recording. Your SCECH will then be processed using the PIC information you included on the quiz.

If I attend a live webinar, do I need to complete the quiz?

No, if you attend an MCAN webinar live, you do NOT need to complete the quiz to earn a SCECH.

How quickly will my SCECHs be processed?

Per the Michigan Department of Education, providers have up to 30 days after an event to process SCECHs. While MCAN’s goal is to process clock hours as quickly as possible, we have a small staff and a large number of SCECHs to process. On average, we are able to process SCECHs within two weeks.

How do I know if MCAN has processed my SCECHs?

Once MCAN processes your SCECHs, you will receive an email from MOECS asking you to login and complete an evaluation of the event you attended. Once you complete the evaluation, SCECHs will be added to your transcript.

MCAN said they processed my SCECHs, but the hours aren’t showing up on my MOECS transcript. What’s next?

If clock hours are missing from your transcript, confirm that you completed the evaluation. If the evaluation is complete and the hours are still missing, contact with your name, PIC, and the name of the event you are searching for in your transcript.

When should I email MCAN with SCECH questions (
  • If you did not provide your PIC number during event registration and would like to earn SCECHs for the event.
  • If you attended an event that did not collect PIC numbers (e.g. College Board events).
  • If you have a question about one of our SCECH offerings.
  • If you have other questions about earning SCECHs that are not answered in this FAQ document or the video, Earning SCECHs with MCAN.

Want to hear more about earning SCECHs with MCAN? Check out the video below.