Gear Up for FAFSA Season: This Year’s Seniors Need It More than Ever

Oct. 1 looms large on the calendar of every college access and success professional in the United States. No, it’s not the date where they set their reminders to break out their Halloween decorations; it’s the date when the FAFSA opens.

Hacia la equidad a través de la inclusión cultural

Durante el Mes de la Herencia Hispana, rendimos homenaje a la historia, la cultura y las contribuciones de varios países Hispanos/Latinx. Me siento extremadamente honrada y agradecida de poder llamarme miembro de esta comunidad.

Journal of College Access Puts the Focus on Undocumented Students

Earlier today, the Journal of College Access published a special issue, “College Access and Success for Undocumented Students.”

Moving Toward Equity Through Cultural Inclusion

Pursuing a higher education is not an easy feat, even in the best conditions. Aside from the financial strain and academic challenges I faced, I vividly remember the fear of losing my identity in an attempt to be successful at Michigan State University.

Welcome Back to School, These Resources Can Kick Off a Successful Year for Seniors

Our partners at NCAN share some college access resources to help start the 2021-22 school year.

Six Questions with Kate Grove

Former MCAN intern Kate Grove reflects on her summer with MCAN and what she learned about college access and nonprofit work.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Genesee County College and Career Access Network

In this Q&A, Patti Yorks from Genesee County College and Career Access Network (GCCCAN) shares how its 10th Birthday Grant helped fund online college access activities and mobile FAFSA assistance.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Youth Solutions

In this Q&A, Mollie Waller from Youth Solutions shares how its 10th Birthday Grant helped it adapt valuable youth programming to online and hybrid models.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Refugee Education Center

In this Q&A, Matt Clark from the Refugee Education Center shares how its 10th Birthday Grant helped fund the organization's Graduate & Grow program.

FAFSA Completions Were Down, But We Can Get Them to Go Up

As the calendar flips to August, neither the upcoming FAFSA cycle, which opens October 1, nor the ongoing one, which funds students for the 2021-22 academic year, are probably front of mind for many districts and schools — but they should be.