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Innovative Program Grants

Michigan College Access Network recognizes the great work of programs and organizations across the state that are moving Michigan closer to our goal of Sixty by 30, especially those that serve low-income students, first-generation college-going students, and students of color.

Michigan faces an unprecedented talent shortage, which highlights the need for greater innovation and alignment in the K-12, higher education, and workforce sectors. Michigan cannot reach Sixty by 30 without new ideas, creative strategies, and expanded reach. MCAN seeks to partner with organizations and programs that focus on the following areas:

  • K-12 success and college readiness
  • College retention and completion
  • Employer engagement and alignment


Funding and Administration 

Innovative Program Grants will fund programming that increases college readiness, enrollment, and completion in local communities and across the state through grants of up to $10,000. Grants require 50 percent match funding, of which 50 percent can be in-kind and at least 50 percent must be cash. For example, if an applicant requests $10,000, match funds of at least $5,000 must be provided. Of that $5,000, up to $2,500 may be matched by in-kind support. Innovative Program Grants are not intended to be renewable or long-term funding for a program. MCAN staff will work with grantees to design sustainability plans for programming, if desired.


Applying For Grant Funding

Proposals are only accepted using Michigan College Access Network’s online grants system, SurveyMonkey Apply. To apply for an Innovative Program Grant, click on  the "Apply Here" button above.

If you would like to review the online application components, you are welcome to review this document. You cannot submit the application using this PDF. This is only for review purposes.



Innovative Program Grants are available on a rolling basis until allocated funding is depleted within the fiscal year, which begins Oct. 1 annually. No grants will be awarded between Sept. 1 and Sept. 30. Grants received during that time will be considered for funding after Oct. 1. 

Grant applications should be submitted with an expected implementation of no more than 12 months from award date. No-cost extensions may be considered on a case-by-case basis upon request of a grantee.


Local College Access Networks  

Preference will be given for applicants or programs that are connected to a Local College Access Network as a comprehensive approach to increasing postsecondary attainment within a community. If you are not connected to an LCAN in your region, please contact Dominique Devereaux, director of community mobilization strategy, to learn more. You can find a list of Michigan LCANs here.

This funding is not meant as a means of supporting LCAN development. Please see MCAN’s LCAN-specific grant programs.


Contact and Application Assistance

You are encouraged to contact MCAN to inquire about eligibility and to request technical assistance. Please contact Dominique Devereaux, director of community mobilization strategy, for assistance with your application or for help with the online application portal.  


Award Decisions 

MCAN staff will review proposals and provide written feedback. Final decisions regarding awards will be contingent upon the recommendations of the staff and available funds. MCAN is committed to reviewing grants and providing a response to applicants in 90 days or less. Please adjust your application schedule to accommodate this review timetable.


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