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FAFSA Frenzy

This year, FAFSA completion has faced significant challenges due to various unprecedented factors. Thousands of Michigan students still need support to complete the FAFSA, and with summer upon us, it is harder for them to access the necessary support and resources. As we navigate this evolving environment, MCAN is introducing a new short-term grant opportunity: FAFSA Frenzy Grants. Funding for FAFSA Frenzy Grants must be directly focused on FAFSA completion efforts for students currently enrolled in college or those from the class of 2024.

The MCAN staff hosted a brief webinar that provided an overview of the funding process. A recording of the webinar is available here. Funding will be dispatched quickly, and it can only be used for summer FAFSA programming. 

Download the FAFSA FRENZY one-pager

Download the promotional FAFSA Frenzy toolkit

There are two exciting ways to utilize the FAFSA Frenzy funds:


MCAN is hiring school counselors, higher education professionals, and other educational professionals who will support FAFSA completion for students from the class of 2024 or currently enrolled college students. Specialists will be hired for 10+ hours a week (virtually and in communities) now through August at $50/hour. Applicants must be knowledgeable about the new FAFSA. 

View SEFS job posting



GRANTS of $2,500-20,000 will be awarded to Michigan organizations via four pathways:

  • PATHWAY 1 — $2,500: Organization agrees to share student name and contact directory information (email/phone) for students from the class of 2024 for the purposes of college recruitment, outreach, and support. This information will be shared with an MCAN-supported FAFSA specialist to provide outreach and FAFSA support.*
  • PATHWAY 2 — $5,000: Organization compensates an individual to do outreach to students who have not yet completed their FAFSA and refers students who need FAFSA completion support to an MCAN supported FAFSA specialist. 
  • PATHWAY 3 — $10,000: Organization compensates an individual who supports outreach and FAFSA completion efforts to students who have not yet completed their FAFSA. 
  • PATHWAY 4 — $20,000: Pitch us your big idea! This strategy should be focused on FAFSA completion support, not FAFSA completion incentives. 

*Only available to high schools


  • Michigan high schools
  • Community-based nonprofit organizations
  • Higher education institutions 

All grantees must have a direct connection to students currently enrolled in college or from the class of 2024 who have not yet completed their FAFSA.

Deadlines & Follow Up:

  • Applications are on a first-come, first-served basis and are open until funds are exhausted
  • Applicants will receive a response within two weeks of submission.

Due to the urgency around this effort, the application will be simple and quick to complete. We're excited to hear your ideas! Apply here.

If you have any questions about this funding opportunity, please contact Jeneen Hatoum, director of high school innovation.

Jeneen Hatoum