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The Roadmap to Opportunity initiative highlights in-demand, high-wage careers in Michigan through the creation of a video, printed collateral and professional development for school counselors, college advisers, and other practitioners working directly with students.

Michigan has many high-demand, high-wage jobs available that require a certificate or an associate degree to get started. Research shows that Michigan’s economy demands a strong mix of all types of postsecondary degrees, and requires fewer residents with no postsecondary education at all. Michigan's in-demand fields offer entry level and ongoing educational opportunities that could increase students' potential for professional growth, promotion, and higher wages over time, as well as lead to a meaningful career.

A Spanish-language version is now available on the site!

¡Ya está disponible una versión en español en el sitio!

10 Videos
146 Academic Programs Featured
15,870 Total Annual Job Openings Among Featured Fields