The Center for Postsecondary Readiness and Success (CPRS) was launched in January 2018 in partial response to recommendations made in The State of School Counseling: Revisiting the Path Forward Report, which called for the development of a national research center focused on strengthening postsecondary advising and counseling practices in K-12 and Higher Ed.

The Center is focused on increasing equitable and accessible pathways to postsecondary success by creating an aligned outcome-driven system, guided by student and parent voices, to disseminate new knowledge and discovery of college and career readiness and persistence models, while simultaneously connecting this new knowledge to K- 12 and higher education policy formation. Through strategic partnerships, the Center is engaged in multi-disciplinary approaches to improve equitable student postsecondary opportunitY. The CPRS advisory board is comprised of well-respected national scholars, practitioners, and leaders who all promote strategies to increase equitable postsecondary preparation, access and completion.

CPRS objectives and goals include:

  • Identifying a common set of practitioner competencies needed to effectively guide and support students on their postsecondary path. 
  • Ensuring that every student has access to high quality postsecondary advising and counseling support
  • Elevating parent and student voices to better understand the support structures they desire as they traverse the postsecondary path
  • Dissecting school and community-based factors that influence and contribute to the current gaps and barriers for postsecondary attainment
  • Identifying and dismantling school-based systems, policies, and practices that hinder equitable postsecondary opportunities
  • Reimagining, reframing, and conducting interdisciplinary research to unpack effective counseling practices that support equitable student postsecondary exploration, and planning
  • Publishing practitioner, family, and student friendly reports to disseminate knowledge, provide tools and increase exposure to foster replication of evidence based practices

Recently, CPRS partnered with MCAN and the Journal of College Access. This exciting new partnership provides a mechanism and opportunity to encourage the publication and dissemination of rigorous postsecondary research that will impact counseling and advising practices across the country. Through the elevation of parent and student voices, coupled with the publication of rigorous research, we look forward to working with MCAN to illuminate the counseling and advising practices necessary to create the systems needed to insure equitable postsecondary opportunities for all.

Everyone is invited to submit to the Journal. Click here for more information on submission types. Submissions are accepted every day of the year.