It is important for all students who enroll in college to attain a postsecondary degree or certificate, while minimizing their time to completion.

Getting students to enroll in college is the first step—but access alone will not position our students for long-term success. Many people in Michigan start college, but do not finish; our state has one of the highest rates of people in the labor market who have earned college credit, but have not yet earned a degree or credential. That is why we are prioritizing our efforts to not only translate to college students, but college graduates.

Because colleges and universities are best positioned to promote and implement the changes necessary to improve completion rates, MCAN supports (rather than leads) efforts to improve college completion. We have a long history of partnering with institutions directly as well as their statewide associations to improve access. Central to our efforts is our ongoing collaboration with three statewide associations that represent colleges and universities across the state: Michigan Association of State Universities, Michigan Community College Association, and Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities. Through strong connections and a visible presence with colleges, we can work together to guide Michigan students all the way through college graduation.