Maura McGlynn

Event Manager

As event manager, Maura McGlynn provides oversight and leadership for MCAN’s large events, including the annual conference, a variety of smaller in-person convenings, and professional development opportunities throughout the year.

Prior to joining MCAN, Maura spent five years teaching music at American International Schools overseas. Each year, she looked forward to the festivals she and her students would attend or host to make music with hundreds of other students and teachers from surrounding countries. While living in Kathmandu, Nepal, she was also introduced to and began working with The WE United Project, a nonprofit focused on women's empowerment through sports, where she created and implemented the curriculum for the WE Coach Program.

Maura earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in music education from Michigan State University. She is drawn to music and its expressive and collaborative nature. The relationships she has made through music have largely shaped who she is today. Maura’s love for collaboration and gathering extended beyond the stage when she expanded her knowledge and skills into the world of event planning and management. She earned a Master of Arts degree in creative events management from Falmouth University.

Outside of MCAN, Maura serves as the head of curriculum and coaching advancement for the WE United Project. She enjoys many other activities, including soccer, climbing, salsa and bachata dancing, boxing, and yoga. Maura loves being outdoors, and if there is sunshine, it's likely you will find her in it.

Michigan State University Bachelor of Arts, Music Education
Falmouth University Master of Arts, Creative Events Management