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Application deadline extended to August 14, 2020

MCAN’s College Completion Corps places 20 AmeriCorps members on community college campuses across Michigan. As a Completion Coach, each full-time member serves a campus-defined cohort of 100-150 students who are first-generation, low-income and/or students of color, with a focus on college persistence and completion.

During the 2020-2021 program year, the AmeriCorps members will collectively provide coaching to 2,500 community college students, resulting in 1,500 students who develop a college completion plan and 1,250 students who persist to the next year of coursework, transfer to a 4-year institution, or complete a college credential. In addition, the AmeriCorps members will leverage 200 volunteers who will be engaged in episodic service opportunities that improve their connection to the campus community, enhancing their chance of success.

MCAN is currently seeking proposals from host campuses for the 2020-2021 program year. After three weeks of training in December 2020, Completion Coaches will serve on campuses from January 2021 – December 2021.

Program and Member Activities

Coaches advocate for students and foster connections, integrate into the campus support structure, and engage in data-informed monitoring to direct their outreach.

Together, coaches and students will:

  • create a completion plan that will outline a strategy for FAFSA completion
  • identify a student's support team
  • structure a schedule for class attendance and coursework submission
  • define a plan for course selection and registration for the next semesters.

It is estimated that Completion Coaches will engage with each student for 16 hours over the course of the academic year. These interactions will include 1:1 meetings to advance on benchmarks and address challenges that arise; group activities and meetings to boost sense of belonging and self-efficacy; and technology-based interaction (text, email and phone) to build focus on dates and deadlines.  

Each member is also responsible for tracking the engagement of at least 10 student volunteers, participating in either National Days of Service or campus-sponsored service activities.


HOST CAMPUSES must be an accredited college operating in the state of Michigan that offer associate degrees and/or certificate programs.

PREFERENCE for host campus selection will be given to campuses who demonstrate an active partnership with their Local College Access Network (LCAN), Promise Zone, or other community partner. 

AMERICORPS MEMBERS must possess an associate or bachelor’s degree, and ideally would have student experience on the campus where they will serve as a Completion Coach. AmeriCorps also requires that all members be a United States citizen, a national, or a legal permanent resident and at least 18 years of age. Members must be able to pass a background check.

Finance and Administration

MCAN will serve as the employer of record for all AmeriCorps Completion Coaches and will manage administrative elements of the program. Host campuses will assign a designated site supervisor to communicate with MCAN and provide regular supervision and guidance to the AmeriCorps member(s).

To build strong partnerships, each host campus will sign a three-year memorandum of understanding and provide a tiered, annual cost share: year one $10,000 per member, year two $12,500 per member, and year three $15,000 per member. For campuses hosting more than one coach concurrently, a $10,000 annual flat cost share will be required per additional coach.

Host campuses will be required to provide each member with a designated office space, a laptop computer, phone and internet access and office supplies suitable for carrying out the activities of their service year. Host campuses will allow coaches to access, monitor, and contribute to student records to measure program benchmarks and identify needed interventions.

Application Submission

To review the online application components, please download this sample RFP documentYou cannot submit the application using the sample RFP. It is only for review purposes.

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2020-2021 Program Year Key Dates

May 15: Host Site Request for Proposals Released

August 1: AmeriCorps Coach Application Opens; open until positions are filled  

August 14: Host Site Application Deadline  

September 14: Host Site Notification of Award  

December 7-11: AmeriCorps Coach Training  

January 4: (or when campus opens) AmeriCorps Coaching Begins 


Program Overview

Strategies for Success


Please direct questions to Jenny McArdle, Director of Service Strategy 

2020 Launch Year
20 Completion Coaches
2500 Goal: Students Served