Brandy Johnson set to lead Michigan Community College Association

Longtime college advocate and former MCAN executive director Brandy Johnson is poised to become the next leader of the Michigan Community College Association.

The Bridge Recognized For Advancing College-Going Culture

The Bridge in Brighton has done it again, garnering another award. The alternative high school has won the Michigan College Access Network’s Marina Award.

Scholarship available for frontliners unable to receive federal financial aid

Michigan College Access Network recently announced the Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope and Opportunity Scholarship, a tuition-free pathway for students who are not eligible for federal financial aid to pursue an associate degree or certificate.

Shifting our perspectives to year-round priorities

We shouldn’t just talk about and celebrate groups of people based on what month it is. We have to address the disparities year-round and lift up the stories of individuals and their impact in the same approach.

Fighting against economic uncertainty with post secondary education

Even with “help wanted” signs up all over the country and our region, many individuals who have less than a college degree or are considered low-skilled workers are still struggling to find work because they are not qualified.

Think manufacturing jobs don’t require college? Think again

There is still a common misconception about this career path: the notion you don’t need college to get a good job in manufacturing. The days of employees landing a high-paying factory job after high school are disappearing rapidly.

Decline in college enrollment 'big problem for the economy’

There are many “hot jobs” available in our community, but do potential employees have the degree or credentials to fill them?

Long-term solutions depend on building a ‘talent pipeline’

For employers in the Greater Lansing region, the focus on attracting and retaining talent has been a priority and challenge even before the global pandemic.

Higher education is key to a better job

As Michiganders lost their jobs during the pandemic, there was a rise in need for skilled workers in many industries. It pains me to say it, but many who lost their jobs will find it hard to replace them at the same level.

The future of our workforce is in crisis; now’s the time to act

In Michigan, we have a mismatch in college enrollment, workers with college degrees, and jobs that can support an individual or family.