The U.S. economy is changing, but will Michigan change with it?

For most workers, having some college education is now the most reliable route to a good job. Eighty-two percent of good jobs in Michigan go to workers with education beyond high school, compared to around 80 percent of good jobs nationally.

Enrollment is plummeting at most Michigan colleges. Why it's rising at MSU

Over the last decade, MSU has seen total enrollment growth of about 1.5%, or 753 students, according to Michigan Association of State Universities enrollment reports.

The Power of State Networks

Ryan Fewins-Bliss of MCAN, Chandra Scott of Alabama Possible, and Laura Winter of the Missouri College and Career Attainment Network discuss the ways their networks build trust, advance postsecondary policy and practice, and improve equitable outcomes.

Michigan public colleges work to plug pandemic 'leaks' that hit enrollment

In the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, Michigan's public higher education institutions have found themselves in a landscape rife with challenges — some long-anticipated, others entirely new.

Low-income Michigan students fare far better at some colleges than others

Nine of Michigan’s 15 public universities graduate a lower share of their low-income students than the national average of 49 percent, according to a Bridge Michigan analysis of data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

AdviseMI Seeks New College Advisers

AdviseMI currently has 45 college graduates who act as college advisers, helping students from their prospective schools learn about and explore options regarding post-secondary education. One of those advisers is 2020 NMU alumna Brooke Baneck.

The Morning Show: Berrien College Access Network and CTE

Maureen Ovington, director of Berrien College Access Network, and Chris Machiniak, assistant superintendent of Berrien RESA, recently joined the Morning Show on 94.9 WSJM to discuss their college access work.

Rick Haglund: Changing parents’ attitudes about the value of college is key for the economy

Michigan employers are desperate for college-educated workers

For Michigan high school seniors: How to select the right college for you

Choosing where you’ll spend the next two to four years is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be paralyzing, say two college advisors who spoke to Bridge Michigan. Here are their tips for students and families weighing college choices.

Free money for college? Fill out free FAFSA financial aid form to see

Brandon Wardlow, a college adviser at Port Huron High School serving with AdviseMI, discusses some common FAFSA misconseptions.