Morning Blend — Capital Area College Access Network

Michele Strasz, executive director of Capital Area College Access Network, joins the Morning Blend to talk about what the FAFSA is, why it's important, and what resources are available to students.

New scholarship available for front-liners ineligible for federal aid

The Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope, and Opportunity Scholarship — MI ECHO — is intended to put life-changing education within reach for more people.

University enrollment declines are hitting these Michigan schools hardest

Enrollment at Michigan's 15 public universities has fallen 6.3%, or by more than 17,500 students, since fall 2019, the semester before the COVID-19 pandemic hit Michigan.

Bringing light to lucrative post-secondary options

Following Michigan College Month, it’s important to consider what continuation of education looks like for all Michiganders.

MI ECHO scholarship helps frontline workers not eligible for federal financial aid

The Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope and Opportunity Scholarship – MI ECHO – is designed to serve Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, Temporary Protected Status immigrants, Special Immigrant Juveniles and others.

Brandy Johnson set to lead Michigan Community College Association

Longtime college advocate and former MCAN executive director Brandy Johnson is poised to become the next leader of the Michigan Community College Association.

The Bridge Recognized For Advancing College-Going Culture

The Bridge in Brighton has done it again, garnering another award. The alternative high school has won the Michigan College Access Network’s Marina Award.

Scholarship available for frontliners unable to receive federal financial aid

Michigan College Access Network recently announced the Michigan Equity, Courage, Hope and Opportunity Scholarship, a tuition-free pathway for students who are not eligible for federal financial aid to pursue an associate degree or certificate.

Shifting our perspectives to year-round priorities

We shouldn’t just talk about and celebrate groups of people based on what month it is. We have to address the disparities year-round and lift up the stories of individuals and their impact in the same approach.

Fighting against economic uncertainty with post secondary education

Even with “help wanted” signs up all over the country and our region, many individuals who have less than a college degree or are considered low-skilled workers are still struggling to find work because they are not qualified.