LANSING, Mich. — Michigan College Access Network (MCAN) has awarded $33,835 in its third round of COVID-19 Response Grants to nine organizations in Michigan. These grants help Michigan high schools, Local College Access Networks, community-based nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions support emergent postsecondary projects and programs in their communities. MCAN is also now partnering with other funders to co-sponsor these grants.

The grants were announced by MCAN in early April 2020 to demonstrate MCAN’s responsiveness to and support of communities affected by the global health pandemic that continues to have a major impact in Michigan, predominantly in minority communities MCAN serves. Thus far, MCAN has awarded 20 COVID-19 Response Grants totaling $82,331.

One grant to Sacred Heart Academy was co-sponsored by the Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation.

“MCAN remains focused on increasing postsecondary attainment in Michigan despite the global pandemic,” said Ryan Fewins-Bliss, executive director of MCAN. “This crisis is disproportionately affecting low-income students, first-generation college-going students and students of color - populations traditionally prevented from accessing higher education. It is very clear that there is an immediate need across the state. 

 "I’m proud that we have restructured and mobilized our resources and staffing for a rapid response through these grants and other strategies."

In the coming weeks, MCAN will be announcing additional grant awards. Thus far, more than 100 grant applications have been received by MCAN. Applications for these grants are being accepted until July 31, 2020.  

The following COVID-19 Response Grants have been awarded:

Buchanan High School (Buchanan, MI)
Awarded $2,400  

Buchanan High School used their grant to conduct a “community celebration” version of Decision Day for the 2020 high school graduates.

Capital Area College Access Network [CapCAN] (Lansing, MI)
Awarded $10,000  

CapCAN will be using their grant to engage college advisers and youth librarians in conducting ongoing, virtual and in-person advising sessions with rising and graduated seniors to support their postsecondary planning and access.

Eastside Community Network (Detroit, MI)
Awarded $10,000 

Eastside Community Network is partnering with Southeastern High School to offer a College Access Program. This program will provide individualized support for each step of the college enrollment process.

Ecorse High School (Ecorse, MI) 
Awarded $2,250 

Ecorse High School will be using their grant to offer a six-week SAT preparation program for rising seniors. The grant will fund test prep materials such as workbooks and practice tests.

Engadine High School (Engadine, MI)
Awarded $2,500 

Engadine High School’s grant funding will be used to provide Wi-Fi hotspots to students in grades 9-12 through a program called, “All Students Connected.” The high school is partnering with the township to implement this technology.

Morley Stanwood High School (Morley, MI) 
Awarded $2,500  

Morley Stanwood High School will be using their funding to launch an SAT Preparation Program for the students in the Class of 2021. The school is hoping to increase student test scores in reading and math.

Sacred Heart Academy (Mt. Pleasant, MI)
Awarded $500 
$250 from MCAN 
$250 from Mount Pleasant Area Community Foundation 

Sacred Heart Academy used their grant to host a Virtual Decision Day for the graduating class of 2020, which included a video showcasing the graduates and their postsecondary plans.

Springport High School (Springport, MI)
Awarded $1435.40  

Springport High School used their grant to host a Virtual Decision Day for the graduating class of 2020, which included a video showcasing the graduates and their postsecondary plans.

Trillium Academy (Taylor, MI)
Awarded $2,500 

Trillium Academy is using their funding to address two college attainment initiatives. They hosted a Virtual Decision Day for their seniors using Zoom technology. Juniors will receive incentives for engaging academically through Khan Academy throughout the summer in preparation for the SAT in the fall.