Policymakers Have the Power to Change Stark Racial Disparities in Higher Educational Attainment

External Affairs Director for the Michigan League of Public Policy, Alex Rossman discusses the racial disparities in higher educational attainment.

Career Finder Premium Version for Michigan Students

In this blog, Allison Danielsen, director of college and career connections, discusses the premium version of the career finder tool from the College Board available for students.

Introducing College Completion Corps

In this blog, MCAN Director of Service Strategy, Jenny McArdle introduces our newest initiative, the College Completion Corps.

Two Years in AmeriCorps: How Serving Others Served Me Well

AdviseMI Adviser Kendra Ollis, discusses her two years serving in AmeriCorps programs and how they prepared her for grad school and a future career.

Learning about Financial Aid

In this blog, Renee Pickard of Michigan Works! West Central, discusses the training on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Test-Optional Admissions: What Does it Mean?

In this blog, WMU Director of Admissions Alicia Kornowa discusses test-optional practices related to admission to college.

MCAN Unveils New Brand To Help Drive Progress Toward Access and Equity

We are proud to unveil MCAN's new brand, leading us into our next decade of facilitating bold, systemic change.

Advising and Coaching to Help Students Succeed

Zachary Zimmerman is a second-year adviser at Center Line High School. He also coaches high school football and writes about using similar techniques in both coaching and college advising.

In the Business of College Advising

D'Angelo Allen is a college adviser at Taylor High School. He has a bachelor's degree in business administration/marketing and writes about his experience serving in the AdviseMI program.

How MCAN is Adapting in Response to COVID-19

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