10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Refugee Education Center

In this Q&A, Matt Clark from the Refugee Education Center shares how its 10th Birthday Grant helped fund the organization's Graduate & Grow program.

FAFSA Completions Were Down, But We Can Get Them to Go Up

As the calendar flips to August, neither the upcoming FAFSA cycle, which opens October 1, nor the ongoing one, which funds students for the 2021-22 academic year, are probably front of mind for many districts and schools — but they should be.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Detroit Drives Degrees

Christi Taylor from Detroit Drives Degrees shared how its 10th Birthday Grant supported the expansion of their summer melt programming and the launch of a summer bridge program for high school graduates pursing postsecondary education in Detroit.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: Alpena Public Schools

Lee Fitzpatrick from Alpena Public Schools shares how its 10th Birthday Grant facilitated the purchase of new laptops needed by high school students in the district who were taking college courses.

10th Birthday Grantees Check-in: West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Jessica Ledesma from the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce shares how the 10th Birthday Grant supported the launch of its Building Bridges Through Education Fellowship.

Use Fit and Match to Increase Students’ Success

We would never tolerate a leak in our house that let out 40% of our water, but when we consider a leak of this magnitude in our college completion pipeline, policymakers and the public don’t seem to consider the problem with the same urgency.

Pride and College Access

Two AdviseMI college advisers and one College Completion Corps coach discuss Pride Month and how LGBTQ+ issues intersect with college access.

Summer Success Program: One Senior at a Time, One Step at a Time, One Future at a Time.

Nick Beaudry talks about the Summer Success Program, which was implemented by Blue Water College Access Network and St. Clair Country RESA to help the class of 2020 stay on track for college through the pandemic.

Progress and Potential: Thoughts on Building a More Inclusive College Experience

CJ Juntunen, a coach in our College Completion Corps program, reflects on their college experience and how we can continue to make college a more inclusive space.

Summer is the Time for K-12 and Higher Ed to Be Friends

When we talk about the “silos” between the K-12 and higher education sectors, what that looks like in practice is that districts and institutions don’t have consistent, meaningful, or productive contact that could benefit students.