Supporting Students with Accommodations in Postsecondary Education

In recognition of the 32nd anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), MCAN hosted a panel discussion on supporting students with accommodations in postsecondary education.

Using Fit and Match to Increase Students’ Success

One of the most important things schools, community-based programs, and everyone involved in advising a student can do is to make sure they wind up at the right postsecondary institution for them in the first place.

Allyship and College Success

Kyle Kelly, a College Completion Corps coach at Bay College, shares some perspectives on being an ally to LGBTQIA students.

Supporting LGBTQ+ Students During Pride Month and Beyond

Justin Weller, AdviseMI college adviser, shares some thoughts on Pride month and how his experiences as a queer person affect his advising work.

Solidify K-12/Higher Ed Connections to Firm Up Students’ Next Steps

Most schools monitor acceptances and conduct senior exit surveys to better understand students’ post-high school plans, but that knowledge is too infrequently paired with practice that ensures students fulfill those plans.

MCAN Update on Latest National Student Clearinghouse Enrollment Data

The latest National Student Clearinghouse data for spring enrollment estimates was recently released. After examining the Michigan data, we are urging caution in utilizing this report as a data source until discrepancies are resolved.

Addressing Financial Aid Challenges for Spanish-speaking Families

I grew up learning English as a second language, so my parents and I were lost when reading terms like Pell Grant, cost of attendance, money market account, or IRA.

Now is the time to double down on college access and attainment — Michigan’s future depends on it

Sixty by 30 is a bold goal, but it wasn’t chosen for the sake of boldness. It was chosen because that is what Michigan needs to be a prosperous state that can compete in a knowledge-based economy.

What Autism Is Like For Me: A Female Perspective

An anonymous contributor describes the educational challenges they faced as a female person on the autism spectrum.

Charter Schools: Providing Flexibility and Specialized Options to Michigan Families

Vaughn Springer, project coordinator with MAPSA - Michigan’s Charter School Association, reflects on her charter school experience and how her current work helps provide Michigan families with greater educational options.